Free Things To Do in Bali


Who doesn’t like keeping the budget down while on holiday? We’ll mention not only free activities and attraction but also the unusual things in Bali that you might not have heard before. If you’re not one to believe that there are things you can do in Bali for free, these list of free things you can do in Bali may surprise you. From helping the survival of sea turtles to Balinese festivals, discover the best thing you can do for free in Bali.



1. Watch a festival

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The annual festivals in Bali are mostly free to watch. The calendar of events throughout the year is full of festivities and colours because of its culture and traditions of the Balinese. One of the many festivals you can watch for free is the Sanur Village Festival.

The Sanur Village Festival is a yearly event that is held in Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur (YPS). It’s a festival that celebrates arts, great food, culture, and the environment. So come on down to the Sanur Village Festival during your stay in Bali for an authentic Balinese cultural experience on August 2019.

Opening hours : The annual festival is 5 days in a year on every August.

Address : Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur (YPS), Jl. Danau Buyan III No.2, Sanur, Denpasar Sel, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227.

Phone : (0361) 286987


2. Visit Ghost Town

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Taman Festival Bali Ghost Town is often called ‘ghost towns.’ It’s an abandoned amusement park at Padanggalak Beach, north of the Sanur main hub. Being located on a remote coast far away from the crowd adds to its eeriness. The amusement park was closed due to marketing and financial difficulties.

It’s a short 20-minute scooter ride from Kuta, but you have to keep your eyes for the right street sign. Make sure you have sunscreen and mosquito spray, a couple of the areas have lots of mosquitoes. You can give some donation if you want to walk through the park.

Opening hours : 24 hours

Address : Taman Bali, Padang Galak, Jl. Padang Galak No.3, Kesiman, Denpasar Tim, Kota Denpasar, Bali.


3. Learn about sea turtles

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The turtle moms crawl onto the beach to lay eggs, bury them and leave them there to hatch on their own. The baby sea turtle needs to dig up through the sand, scrambling to the ocean while trying to avoid thousands of different specious and after they mate and after lating eggs, the turtle mom crawls back to the sea to rest before nesting again later that season or before beginning her migration back to her feeding ground. Once a turtle mom has left her nest, she never returns.

The sea turtle nesting season starts in March in Kuta and ends in autumn. BSTS volunteers search the beaches near Kuta for nests then bring the eggs into a protected area. Sea turtles are endangered mostly because of humans, pollution, and predators in the sea, and so protecting the eggs from predators will help increase their survival rate. So book your flights now, people!

Opening hours : 16.00 am – 21.00 pm

Address : Bali Sea Turtle Society, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Phone : +62811-3882-683



4. Walk the Campuhan ridge

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The paved trail through Campuhan Ridge is within walking distance from the city centre in Ubud, Bali. The Campuhan Ridge trail starts near the entrance to the Ibah Hotel, an easy walk west from central Ubud along Jl Raya Ubud. From the Ibah hotel’s driveway, have a look for a paved path leading down to a bridged crossing of the river, where the journey begins beside the temple.

The ridge drops steeply on either side into adjacent river valleys and is covered with grass that allows you to see beautiful views. The path ends at a paved road, where you can find cafes and galleries. It’s an interesting walk through the grass but I suggests you go in the early morning as it gets very hot. Make sure you take some water with you as it will take a few hours to finish the walk throughh the Campuhan Ridge.

Opening hours : 24 hours

Address : Kelusa, Payangan, Jl. Raya Campuan, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571



 5. Watch the farmers on the rice field

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Bali doesn’t just offer beaches with beautiful white sand but also has magnificent mountains and beautiful green hills called the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. It’s on the north side of Ubud around 20 minutes drive. This area is a famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terraces, many tourists who travel to and from Kintamani stopped at this place to witness the beauty of the verdant terraced rice field scenery or having lunch at the restaurant while enjoying the view of terraced rice fields. After taking pictures, it’s a great idea to give some donation to the farmers, they’ll be very happy!

Opening hours : 24 hours

Address : Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561



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