Best statues for Couples You Wouldn’t Find Anywhere But Bali

Are you looking for a beautiful object of decoration, or an ideal for a birthday or wedding gift? You might want to see the romantic statues made from Suar wood. Suar wood comes from Indonesia which makes you feel the authentic Bali sensation in any countries you are residing in. The wood resists the climate and humidity difference and doesn’t crack. Have a look at our unique collections below!



1. Penis Bottle Opener

Here is a funny bottle opener which makes a great gag-gifts and it’s really great for parties. This penis bottle opener gives you a solid grip to get even the most stubborn of bottle caps off. You will love to see your friend’s faces when they realise what they just opened their beer with!



2. Couple in Banana Sex Wooden Statue – Small

Have a look at this intimate moment of the Love Act. The pair of lovers is deeply devoted to the passions. This carved wood sculpture shows a couple looking at each other while making love, and the lower part of their bodies melded together as one.



3. Family Couple Expecting a Baby Wooden Statue

Truly a stunning piece of art, this wooden statue will always remain as a precious reminder of the most happiest time in life. It features a couple with the woman resting peacefully on the man’s shoulder as he protectively enfold her stomach expecting a baby to be born.



4. Erotic Kissing Couple Wooden Statue – Medium

This erotic wooden statue is a real eye-catcher in every collection of erotic sculptures. The man is leaning over the woman to give her a kiss while she bends her knees. This is a great reminder of the one you love. This erotic kissing couple is truly a romantic gift for couples.



5. Forehead Kissing Couple Wooden Statue – Medium

This couple is really in love and you can even feel his love towards her by kissing her forehead. This romantic little piece has a very contemporary and modern look to it which is perfect for an office desk shelf area or at home.



The wood last long, hard to crack, and objects are still intact. Suitable for Dining table, Coffee table or to decorate any room. Get yours now to make your loved ones happy!

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